Original Air Pro 3 TWS Airpoding Wireless Headset Stereo Headset Bluetooth Headset 1:1 Clone Headset

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Compatible devices
Our products are compatible with Android phones (such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.), IOS (iPhone, iPad) and any other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
new function:
1. 1:1 size (no logo or text on the charging case).
2. IOS pop-up window
3. Support to change the name and GPS location.
4. Binaural phone, left and right headphones can be used separately.
5. Automatic connection/automatic torque.
6. No LED light when using
7. Multi-function touch control buttons.
8. High fidelity and bass stereo.
9. Support previous track/next track.
10. Increase volume/decrease volume.
11. Support Siri activation.
12. IOS and Android systems are perfectly compatible.
The new pop-up function is only available when you are connected to IOS 13.2 or later, please make sure you have updated the IOS system.
Warm tips
1 *This is the original product of our own brand (Chinese brand), not the original products of other brands.
2 * We do not sell or use any products or packaging with other brand logos, text or serial numbers, nor do we accept customized products and packaging with other brand logos, text or serial numbers. Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Hope you understand, thank you!
3 *There is no active noise reduction function, but the GPS name and function have been changed.
4 *The packaging is neutral and has no logo.
thank you very much!

Product type: Wireless Earphones


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